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How do supermarkets operate? - Custom stacking

by:SAFEKA      2019-07-30
How do supermarkets operate?  -  Custom stacking
It is well known that,Now is the era of "retail is King.Hypermarket is a major retail format.Although in the value chain from producers to consumers,The center of gravity of value has been gradually moving down,But the standard of value is always in the hands of the final consumer.Whether it's a product,Service,Or sales model,Only by the recognition of consumers,In order to finally win.First of all, the values of consumers: the oversupply of the market,Consumers have too much choice.Fundamentally speaking,Consumers always find a balance between value and cost.But people have emotions,Therefore, the line of psychological factors is inserted between cost and value.Consumers are often satisfied with their psychology,Rather than pay for the cost of exceeding the real value of the physical object.For example,The trust that brands bring to consumers,Psychological satisfaction such as excitement,High-end shopping malls bring leisure to consumers,Happy shopping mood and other psychological enjoyment.Coupled with the credit guarantee of large supermarkets and the optional space for providing goods,Uninterrupted promotion, profit, etc,That's why big supermarkets are more attractive to consumers than retail stores.Secondly,Let's take a look at the sales methods of the store.The first advantage is to minimize the cost of goods of equal value through Scale efficiency.The second is to provide a security,Convenient,Psychological factors of pleasure.The sales model of the store has a good balance between value and cost,And firmly grasped the psychological factors of the most popular consumers nowadays,That is, a convenient, safe and relaxed consumer fashion required by a high-paced society,Therefore, it has been widely recognized by consumers.Again,Let's look at the development of retail industry.In large and medium-sized cities,The intensity of large supermarkets is getting higher and higher,With the saturation of large and medium-sized supermarkets in large and medium-sized cities,The development center of the supermarket has begun to sink into the second-class city and even the county-level city with relatively developed economy,In the face of competition in hypermarkets,The mainstream status of ordinary retail stores is lost step by step,Retreat and become a supplement to the hypermarket,Hypermarkets have a growing share of retail.To do sales is to put products in places that consumers often visit,So we have to run the supermarket.Not only to operate,And to operate as a focus,Because of its position and proportion in the daily purchase of consumers.Do Business Super,A tearful supermarket is a big bully in the store,The supplier enters the big supermarket,There are more than ten kinds of expenses such as entry fee, bar code fee, sponsorship deduction fee, celebration fee, shopping guide management fee, etc,Every month, there are thousands of yuan in the damage cost of being eaten in a store,But there is no way we can do that.Actually,The most critical thing in the operation of the supermarket is the cost problem,For example, the entrance fee, bar code fee, sponsorship deduction fee, celebration fee, shopping guide management fee, etc.Usually, supermarkets have a clear limit on these expenses,Minimum and maximum.There is a certain room for maneuver for the supplier here,Usually, we make public relations with the purchasing person in charge,Can reduce the cost to the lowest point,But to the minimum,It's actually the Overlord clause.There is also a problem with the account period,There is usually no room for negotiation,Unless you choose not to enter this store,Otherwise you have to accept this.The other is temporary motor costs,There are many names for this cost,The supermarkets are not the same.In the cost of mobility,Some of them have documents or notices inside the store,Some of them are purchased for their own benefit.So be sure to understand the motivation inside,The key is to do a good job in purchasing ".If it's a personal benefit,Just be a private guest;If it is the unified behavior of supermarkets,Procurement personnel are usually controlled by the amount allocated to each,We still have to do the work of purchasing personnel here.The second is the reputation of supermarkets to suppliers.That is, the support that the supplier has won or paid for from the supermarket is not well fulfilled,And there is no clear statement.For example, when I was communicating with a supermarket supplier, she mentioned that in 2006, she once sold counters for a certain brand in the supermarket,A lot of money,But it hasn't expired yet,Because the supervisor of the supermarket changed,The supermarket will not do it.Finally, it is useless to find a supermarket,They pushed each other,Never give a clear statement,Finally, the supplier can only be Duba eating Huanglian.There are also problems such as buying heaps.Because the price of the piles in different locations in the supermarket is different,But most of the time you spend money in a good position,The result is not a good position,Why?Because on the one hand, the position of the supermarket is not fixed,Constant adjustment,So you can only buy a place,Not a position,And even in supermarkets with standardized locations,If the purchasing supervisor transferred it to you privately,You can only fight again,There is no equal negotiation at all,Let alone accountability.Another example,Although many supermarkets say that brands and products can enter the store as long as they pay for them,But there is also a rule in the store,If your goods are not sold for a period of time or the sales volume is not up to the requirements,The supermarket will take you off the shelf,In this way, there are no shelves for sales,When you enter the store, you lose the fundamental meaning.It is difficult to manage customer sentiment again.Customer situation management is difficult in two aspects: first, the resources that supermarkets can provide, such as shelves and stacking positions, are limited,Is in short supply,Every supplier wants to fight for it,So the supermarket naturally straightened its waist,Raised the threshold.Two, the purchasing personnel of supermarkets are frequently replaced,Usually one year,This requires the supplier to continue to visit the situation,Constant investment.Respond positively,In the face of the situation mentioned above,There is no better solution at present,The following can be referenced: first,Is to do a good job.Be sure to communicate and communicate frequently with purchasing personnel,To do a good job in customer relations is to win more support,More communication is for more and more timely understanding of the internal information of the supermarket,In order to prepare for possible problems in the future,Respond in advance.Second,In response to the problem of dishonesty often occurring in supermarkets,I think if the supermarket allows,We can try our best to invest in this long-term cost,Into frequent phased or short-term inputs,This will give us room for change.Third,We should understand several problems from our own products: first, if the products enter the supermarket,What can we do in return?Two, what is the proportion of the supermarket channel in all our channels?Third, what is the direct sales I may generate,Can my product space or profit be supported?Then there is the question of whether it is the best time to enter the supermarket.Fourth,Under the premise of accepting the status quo,Take the initiative,Try to strive for more favorable conditions.The core of this is "customer love ",For the guest,To be "reasonable,The interest of temptation,Move ".Reason: it is necessary to be able to be honest and relative,To stand in an equal position to reason,I hope the other party can understand and support,This is very important: for example, to do a phased business review of the store procurement,Tell them what you have paid for the supermarket and what you have brought to the supermarket,Let him understand the importance of you.For example, you can compare the cost standards of other supermarkets,As a reason for you to negotiate and lower costs.You can also analyze your sales figures,Your input and output can be a reason for negotiations.It is needless to say that everyone should understand that,In order to do a good job,Xiao enxiao Hui is indispensable,The temptation of interest at a critical time is also necessary,It's not early.I think people are still emotional animals in the end,At a certain time, the dominant role of emotion is still very strong,Of course this varies from character to character.Complain more,Sometimes moving with emotion can also play an effect,Isn't there a saying: children who will cry have more milk.In addition, from a strategic point of view,Maybe it can make cooperation more smooth: one is an ideal way.That is, suppliers can unite,Compete with supermarkets together,To strive for a relatively fair and reasonable condition,But usually this state is not easy to achieve,The reason is simple,There are too many "traitors" in business now,The supplier has a mentality,It's hard to unify,So this can only be an ideal.The usual way to do this is,Suppliers (non-manufacturers) can choose more brands, varieties, categories or use wangpin brands and varieties,To increase the weight of negotiations with supermarkets,For better support.The other is to carry out in-depth cooperation,For example, develop customized products for supermarkets,With a unique product, a larger operating space and a more flexible way to operate,Let the supermarket give more support,So as to maximize the market share of the brand.In addition to what was said above,And a key point,It is to learn to use the resources in your hands.The first is to learn to use the main competitors of the store,Achieve your goal by tilting the use of resources.Two is to learn to reasonable "with resources.Take liquor as an example,We all know that summer is the off-season for liquor consumption,At this time, the competition between manufacturers for stacking and display is not fierce,There are even empty piles in some supermarkets.At this time, we can take anti-season marketing,Use the off-season investment to help purchase and solve idle resources,In exchange for a guest,May bring us unexpected results;Or in the form of packaging in the light season,Purchasing supermarket resources,This may lead to more offers and support.Indeed,There are many problems and difficulties in the operation of supermarkets,But difficulties are difficult,To do a good job in the market, we have to solve the difficulties,If you have any difficulties,We must also create "difficulties" without difficulties.But before deciding to be a supermarket,Be sure to figure out: 1. is your product really suitable for entering the supermarket,What is your possible gain?2. is your capital chain supported?3. do you have a team that can play with all aspects of the supermarket.
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